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✿ 一年2班 ✿-花蓮縣吉安鄉吉安國民小學官方網站110學年度班級成果-歡樂童年 全人生活 亮麗人生 多元發展


一 年 2 班 。 導師:吳宜霈老師 



♦ Moments of School Life


Pretty leaves hunting

Let’s learn the

Toroko number song

Riddles challenge
Let’s work together to solve the math problem Write and say We are good writers
Sharing the books I like We love reading We can make words in pinyin

Learning left and right

in a English song

Let's plant a seed Group discussion


♦ Little Artists


 You can come closer to take a look at these extroadinary pictures. 

What amazing artists we are.


♦ Sports game


 We are the champion of the first grade sports game. 

Well done, class 102 !


♦ Talent Show


 Let’s sing and dance together. 

We are here to celebrate the Christmas Day.


♦ Happy Holloween





 Look at us! We all dressed up for the Holloween party. 

Let’s go trick-or-treating.




✿ 一年2班 ✿-花蓮縣吉安鄉吉安國民小學官方網站110學年度班級成果-歡樂童年 全人生活 亮麗人生 多元發展